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💬 Automatically answer ANY online chat with your personalized chatbot.

🤖 Use our no-code platform to create it in less than 5 minutes.

Avoid the Cost of Inaction

Right now, you're spending countless hours engaging with customers and leads. Imagine using that time to focus on growth and innovation instead. And let's be real, managing a team doing repetitive tasks is draining for you and them. Why not free up everyone's time for more meaningful work?

Plus, think about the money being poured into salaries for tasks that could be automated. Robots can handle this better, faster, and cheaper. Don't miss out on a smarter way to run your business.

Boost Profits and Efficiency with Generative AI

Unlock a future where your business isn't just surviving, but thriving. Imagine the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're ahead of the curve, equipped with a custom generative AI solution that integrates seamlessly into your existing technology stack.

Time is money, and we help you save both. Automate the mundane tasks and let your team zero in on innovation and growth. Experience immediate improvements without disrupting your current operations. Don't settle for less; embrace the future now.

Your Roadmap to Generative AI Success 📈

Step 1: Create Bot

Create your chatbot using our no-code platform.

Step 2: Install Extension

Install our innovative Chrome extension to connect your bot with any online chat.


Step 3: Connect Chat

Go to the website you want to automate and use the extension to connect the chatbot.

Up to 100 messages
Create 1 chatbot
Share link or embed
Basic analytics
Available in 95 languages
Pay as you go
Advanced analytics
Create unlimited chatbots
Connect to ANY online chat
API integrations
Flexible pricing based on your usage:
$0.10 / message (gpt 3) $0.40 / message (gpt 4)

Real Results for Real Businesses

For tech companies (Saas)

Tired of answering the same support questions? We automate most of your customer support tickets, freeing up your team to tackle bigger issues. Plus, our bots can generate leads while they're at it.

Coaches, Consultants, Freelancers, Realtors, Educators

Our AI doesn't just generate leads; it also becomes an extension of your expertise. Using content you provide, the bot offers expert advice, nurturing relationships even when you're off the clock.

For optometrists

Our generative AI takes care of your lead generation, so you don't have to. Our bot interacts with potential clients on social media and WhatsApp, collecting crucial information or even setting up appointments. You focus on eye care; we focus on filling your schedule.


Our bots go beyond just lead generation. They can hold automated sessions that use proven techniques to help potential clients realize the value of investing in therapy. It's a win-win: you help more people, and your practice grows.